Kaua’i 2016

Kauai is exquisite.

There is no place on earth to see pastels like the tropics.


When I am in Kauai i never forget, for even a second when I am sleeping, that i am in a place that is liminal.

Kauai is in the middle of the Pacific.

Its in the middle of the Sky

Between the mountain and the Sea.

Pressed between the sun in the sky and our own terrestrial plasma reaction below

I dont know what Kaua’i means in Hawaiian but it means “In between” to me.

I fell in love with the lava fields. They fight a war on all fronts with the Sky & the wind, the ocean herself, the mountains and the unseen magma beneath.  The fields are at the transition. They are transition. Still and in motion.

You cant look directly at a lava field. You are confronted with the 4 elements and the name of god.  They are ineffable and un-possessable even by man, even by turtle. Even by the whales, who remember everything.